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Voters Approve $200 Million for Salton Sea


Last updated 6/14/2018 at 9:35am

After decades of neglect amidst conflicting political and bureaucratic winds blowing hither and yon, California voters June 5 finally approved funds that will provide $200 million for Salton Sea restoration.

As part of the $4.1 billion bond measure, water-related projects specific to the Salton Sea include dust mitigation on the thousands of acres of exposed playa where dangerous chemicals become airborne during dust storms, plus wetlands habitat protection and rehabilitation.

The projects were detailed earlier in a 10-year plan now serving as the roadmap of project/construction milestones and completion dates.

The ballot measure passed with 56 percent of the vote. The voting was influenced at least in part, perhaps in large part by documentaries such as Palomar College filmaker Bill Wisneski’s “Breaking Point,” viewed by the public, politicians, and bureaucrats alike.

The multiple award-winning film (including a big win at our Borrego Film Festival) told a riveting story in vivid images and with pointed environmental and health-related consequences in letting the Salton Sea die a slow but certain death. Films CAN matter.

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