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Canyon Sin Nombre


Last updated 6/6/2018 at 10:21am

Spring has arrived and Canyon Sin Nombre that actually means “Canyon without a name” has turned on the magic of color and light for yet another spring show for hikers. Take an adventure to discover that this area holds many of the clues and geological mysteries that engulf Canyon Sin Nombre!

This hike starts at the trailhead off Highway S-2 at approximately mile marker 51.

Sandstone and mudstone mapped and studied as far back as 1921 has created a rugged landscape characterized by the northwest-trending ridges and fault controlled features such as Coyote Mountain, Clark Valley and Lute Ridge. Active faults and related uplift have produced young landforms in the Borrego Badlands, as well as Superstition Mountain and Superstition Hills. Therefore, the older basin deposits have been eroded and reworked into young terrace deposits with modern washes that bring to life the tremendous magic of this place within the tight canyon walls of Canyon Sin Nombre.

This modern phase of nature has resulted in uplift and erosion of older sediments, creating a rich and unique archive that is ideal for studying ancient life forms and the environments in which they lived.

The trail is suitable for a reasonable 4WDing experience with a point of difference in a much as the trail is shared.

For the hiker, the trail is classified as an easy to moderate hike. Rock gardens feature in the spring along with the Ocotillo and it is definitely worth the time to explore the many mud caves along the way.

There is not a lot of shade available on this hike and morning is the best time to venture out as the temperature can climb quickly and unexpectedly.

The trip is a five mile out and back hike and takes in a short walk through a slot canyon at about 2 miles into the hike.

The features and colors of this place certainly gives one the feeling of how vast the process of time and nature has developed through the ages for a stunning experience.

We are so fortunate to be able to stand back in awe to take in the colorful intrusions of magna between layers of vertical and horizontal patterns and enjoy the ongoing wonders of the desert.

Nature planned it that way!