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A Little Appreciation Goes A Long Way


Last updated 5/15/2018 at 11:27am

Borrego Springs Resort Men's Club President Leon Fuhrman and his wife, Susanna, are snowbirds who spend about half the year away from Borrego Springs.

Before taking off for Oregon, the Fuhrmans hosted a salmon/chicken dinner at The Arches in celebration of the year-round efforts by the other seven members of the Board of Directors (and their wives).

"These guys make it all happen," Fuhrman said, referring to Men's Club VP Roger Meyer, Treasurer Jim Smith, Tournament Chair Bill Bennett, and board members Artie Aviles, Pat Ellis, Jim Smith, and newest board member Clint Brandin. Past Club President Mitch Mossay and his wife, Mary, were invited guests to the event May 12.

The board members also acknowledged the vision and efforts of Charles DeLorey, Director of Golf. "He's the icing on the cake," said Fuhrman, adding that DeLorey has drawn more players to the Resort by holding such fun events as Pick-a-Pro tournaments and Wine & Nine events for couples.

Fuhrman presented DeLorey with an appreciation trophy "for his work in helping to make the Resort a fun place for all ages"; assisting DeLorey in the clubhouse are Rick Sprouse and Scott Burnham.

Delorey responded, "Borrego Springs reminds me of the small town where I grew up in North Carolina. You get to know your neighbors and you really care about your community and its well being; I miss that feeling of being part of the community."

"But the people that live and golf here at Borrego Springs Resort and Spa make me feel as if I have lived here my whole life, and that I belong here. This facility has seen its ups and downs; however, the new ownership group and management team are working hard to take this resort to new heights. We definitely need and appreciate having the support of the locals as well as those that are here for a visit."

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