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Dream It, Be It Career Day April 28


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Providing growth and knowledge to the students of today is key for the future. The Soroptimist International of Borrego Springs has given the girls in this community an opportunity to grow and help guide their way into the future.

The Soroptimists held their first career day April 28 at the Senior Center, where eight speakers shared their personal stories and career paths, as well as providing some key advice.

“I was impressed with all the empowered women speakers and I was happy with the attendance and interest of all the students, so it went really well,” president Kathy Jorgensen said.

This career day focused on inspiring Borrego Springs High School girls to dream big, and empower them to continue to follow that dream. This day gave the students access to professional role models, career education, and resources. And it even gave them a heads up in what they may be getting into after high school, like paying for a higher education. Touching on how to budget and the resources necessary to pay things off was a big help for the girls.

Speakers for the day were – Elizabeth Newell, pharmacist at Borrego Springs pharmacy; Kelly Smith, attorney, Law Offices of Kelly Smith; Sarah Rogers, retired military; Gina Moran, Colorado Desert District Superintendent; Judy Gustafson, accountant and bookkeeper, Gustafson Financial; Marcie Grube, social media coordinator, Helen Woodward Animal Center; Laura Roderick, retired physician; and Andrea Taylor, ABDNHA office manager.

Each speaker shared some of their struggles and the rewards that came out of it. Newell said that despite there being more men than women in certain industries, it shouldn’t mean they should feel discouraged to pursue a career in that industry.

“Gender is like a brick wall to advance in some professions,” Newell said to the girls. “But don’t let it be.”

Taylor also shared her journey to the United States, and though being 18 and not knowing what to do, it was OK.

“One of the biggest things is learning to juggle what’s on your plate – having fun and getting your responsibilities done,” Taylor said. “It’s OK to say no to yourself and ask for help.”

One of the main things said to the girls by all the speakers is to always love what you do, take risks, and never be afraid to do something.

“The speakers not only spoke about their career paths, but gave good practical wisdom that comes with experience,” secretary Judy Stewart said. “A lot of the girls were taking notes, very engaged and attentive and overall it was great.”

The day’s keynote speaker was Julia Anguiano, a graduate of BSHS, who was chosen as this year’s ‘Live Your Dream’ recipient, and awarded a $1,000 scholarship.

Anguiano grew up with a low-income background, and said she didn’t have a set direction for the future. It wasn’t until her principal at the time mentioned college, and things began to click for her. She began to be more involved with her classes, activities, and asking more questions.

Then right after high school, she went to college at San Francisco State, pursuing a political science degree. But unfortunately, minor roadblocks and struggles arose, plus she was short of credits. However, Anguiano said, she never gave up. She is also the first in her immediate family to attend college.

After she finishes getting her degree, she will get her masters and hopes to be credentialed, so she could come back and teach at Borrego Springs High School.

“I’m from this community and it will be rewarding to give back,” she said.

“Education is key, you are the future,” she told the girls. “It is key to making yourself a better person, making society a better place and the more educated we are as a society, the better decisions we will be making.”

As the day wrapped up, the girls were filled with much more knowledge of what possibilities lies out there for them and resources they could utilize.

This day was a great opportunity for the students at Borrego Springs High School, and Stewart hopes that it has better helped guide their way.

Sorpotimist International chartered in Borrego in 1962, and since then, the love and support provided by the women in the organization has been constant and non-stop, providing student scholarships, small business grants, career workshops and mentorship support.

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