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Last updated 4/26/2018 at 3:36pm

De Anza Has Big Plans, Changes to Come Forth

Linda and Tom Heathcott want to revitalize the de Anza Country Club and make it more accessible to the local community as well as de Anza residents. A representative told the Sun the Heathcott’s want to reach out to Borrego and have the Club play a more integral part in community activities.

They are reducing fees to make it more enticing for folks to join, with plans unfolding and forward progress already begun; a new board will be appointed on May 1 to oversee the running of the club. There are many positive changes coming to the fee structures and activity options, as laid out in their ad in this issue.

All will be ready to begin as of May 1, starting a new era for golfing, dining, and other activities.

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