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Gift of Joy – Women in Celebration of Life


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By Jolene Nacapuy

Women in celebration of the truth of who they are was captured within bronze sculptures, each uniquely designed to the finest touch, to showcase the symbolization of feminity in full knowledge of itself.

Guests were treated to a wonderful exhibit of wonderous sculptures by Lynn Creighton March 17 at the Borrego Art Institute.

"To me, they represent the idea that feminity can celebrate itself. In doing so, by remembering that it has the capacity to celebrate itself," Creighton said. "It can return to its rightful balance in our culture, in all cutures."

Creighton is a sculptor, creating bronze figures of women celebrating life from the core of their being. These forms emerge from an intimate discovery process with clay.

She loves clay because of the way it stretches and takes shape, not being able to predict what it will be. However, she added that because clay breaks quite easily, she took the approach of bronze, as the longetivity is better. Each piece takes about six months to make.

The idea of this collection emerged after working with a Native American man for 10 years. Creighton assisted with leading transformational services, prayer dances and vision courses. During these courses, she heard over and over again from women who were participating in the services that they had been abused – physically, mentally and emotionally.

"When I got back to my studio, I began to create pieces that showed the image of women celebrating their own sexuality," Creighton said.

The sculptures she created in this piece, represents women learning to celebrate their own lives from a deep inner connection.

"These are women experiencing their lives from the source of all energy, discovering who they are and what they are meant to be and do in the joyful enactment of life," she said.

Each figure has a strong personal bond with Creighton, and are given a unique name from exotic to girl-next door.

Full story can be found in the April 5 issue of the Borrego Sun.

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