Artists Showcase Unique Clay, Glass and Fiber Pieces


Last updated 4/19/2018 at 12:04pm

The community of Borrego was treated to an art show April 7 at the Borrego Art Institute celebrating Clay, Glass, and Fiber.

Sending me to cover this event is similar to sending an auto mechanic to cover a dance recital or a poem reading contest. At least you won’t be bored by some art critic whining about what all was wrong with the art work.

Over 20 artists participated in the show, who came from all over the the South West. Many attendees enjoyed the unique pieces.

Turns out one of the artists, Michael Horton, lived in Borrego in the late 60’s. His dad and I were good friends back in the 60’s and 70’s. Horton displayed three uniquely designed recycled neon signs art.

Brook Hemenway, another artist on display, experienced her first visit/stay to Borrego this season. Hemenway is a talented weaver, and had several of her weavings on display, which attendees seemed to enjoy.

This show was very versatile showing many different types of pottery, cloth, and glass creations.

As usual, our little town showed up in numbers and made this event a great one for all of those that participated. Even I had fun and learned a little more about different types of art. I’m going to pass on trying to become an art critic – why mess up a good thing? I’ll keep writing, and you keep reading.