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American Legion Post 853 Needs Your Help


Last updated 3/9/2018 at 12:59pm

Dear Members and Friends,

The American Legion Post 853 is requesting your financial support for a very beneficial project.

As you know, The American Legion Post 853 will be 20 years old in 2018. During our 20 years at this site, the property has been progressively improved. Improvements include the new kitchen and office, full hookup RV pads, outdoor deck and entertainment area, and a few internal renovations that make this Post an enjoyable retreat. Most importantly, these renovations help us to generate added revenue which in turn goes to supporting veteran and community programs. However, no matter how much revenue we generate, there is one expense that is constant and hinders our efforts. That expense is electricity.

The electrical need at the Post is estimated at 77000 KWH per month. To put that into perspective, the average residential electrical need for a desert home ranges from 800 - 1400 KWH per month. Currently we pay approximately $17,000 annually to keep our Post cool and productive. This is $17,000 that would be better spent supporting our programs, veterans, and the community. This cost will only increase over time. This is a big problem for those who will inherit our Post. However, there is a long term solution to the problem of having an ever increasing debt for a service that we must have.

The solution is Solar power. The upfront cost for a Solar power system is substantial but the long term gain is an electrical system owned by Post 853 that will generate the majority of our power. The American Legion has been conferring with several Solar contractors to better understand our electrical needs and the cost of a Solar electrical system to meet those needs. Estimates are in the range of $130,000. A very substantial cost to us.

To offset this cost, we have applied for and received a grant from the County of San Diego. The grant is for $20,000 and must be used before December 2018. That leaves a need of approximately $110,000.

Post 853 is asking you to donate to this project; a project that will allow us to be more financially secure in the years to come. Just think, if a 110 members and friends donated $1000 each then we’d reach our goal! Any donation is appreciated and all donations are tax deductible. As a means to say thank you for your help, a plaque will be displayed with your name inscribed thereon. A donation of $1000 will be a gold plaque and a donation of $500 will be a silver plaque. If multiple people contribute together, their names will be inscribed on the appropriate plaque.

As a final note, one does not have to be an American Legion member to contribute. Anyone who contributes can take advantage of the tax deduction.

Donations should be payable to The American Legion Post 853. Thank you for considering our request.

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