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New Year Resolutions


Last updated 1/18/2018 at 1:44pm

As the new year begins, goals, ambitions and paths usually change directions or many decide to start new ones.

Popular goals include resolutions to — improve physical well-being like eating healthy, losing weight, exercising more, quitting bad habits or even improve your mental well-being by thinking positive, laughing more, having fun and taking risks.

Most common resolutions:

Stay fit and health — 37%

Lose weight — 32%

Enjoy life to the fullest — 28%

Spend less, save more — 25%

Spend more time with family and friends — 19%

Get organized — 18%

Will not make any resolutions — 16%

Learn something new/new hobby — 14%

Travel more — 14%

Source: Nielsen

However, it's not easy to keep the promise of the resolution for 365 days. Many fail within the first couple of months due to the lack of motivation, ambition, or the fact that the resolution may be too complicated. Though, it's not a reason to keep trying. Start with a bang but ease into it slowly.

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