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Last updated 1/11/2018 at 9:49am

It’s our secondary FREE room where popular BSFF films and panel discussions are shared to everyone in Borrego Springs at no charge! Walk ins welcome. Come on over and learn some great insight about filmmaking or just watch some cool movies!



A movie begins with the screenwriter. Before there is a blank screen, there is a blank page. Join Janice Kennedy as she shows you how to start writing a story on that page by using the three “P’s”: People (characters), Place (the setting or settings), and the Problem (what’s at stake?) Janice Kennedy is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter whose script for the dark comedy “Man.Woman.Blackbird.” won “Best Screenplay at the Fifteen Minutes of Fame Festival of Shorts in competition with films from around the world. Janice is currently prepping her one-woman play about Mary Shelley, “Shadows Round the Moon,” for a New York debut in 2018 with the actress Kate Burton.


How to make a film using actual film. The new age of filmmaking revolves around digital production. Most indy filmmakers consider digital cameras the cheapest production path. Not necessarily true! Shooting on film stock is more affordable than many filmmakers realize. BSFF filmmaker Via Bia screens highlights from her Super16mm film “THESE COLORS DON’T RUN.” Learn how your next film can happen on a budget that’s less than a digital production.


You’re invited to take in a free screening of popular festival entries from previous seasons of the festival. Everything from local community films such as “A LITTLE RUSTY” to award winning animations like “PIROUTTE” are presented during this BSFF reflection.



With the cost of production decreasing and the demand for content increasing every year, independent filmmakers are better positioned to finance, produce, and sell their own movies than ever before. SLATED is an online film marketplace that facilitates the democratization of movie-making by allowing filmmakers to connect directly with the executives, talent, and financiers they need to make their film. Slated also empowers its filmmakers with state-of-the-art Script and Financial Analysis, which help filmmakers understand the ever-evolving marketplace and build projects that financiers and distributors actually want. With over $630M in capital introductions to over 1,000 films to date, Slated is fast-becoming the easiest way for filmmakers to see what their project really needs in order to move forward, and for investors to assess the strongest opportunities and make well informed decisions. Join Slated’s VP of Story, Greg Gertmenian for this film finance panel to learn all about how Slated works and how they’re using technology to empower the filmmaker and unlock the secrets of film finance.


Understanding the “The Business of Acting” is invaluable wisdom. Working Hollywood actor Jon Maxwell offers tools, tips, and strategies for everyone, from undiscovered enthusiasts to seasoned thespians. If you’re looking to make your mark, Jon’s advice can help further your career in the entertainment industry. Hear about the successes and learn from the mistakes of someone who has made a living as an actor for the past 5 years in Los Angeles.

2:30 Special Screening: “THREE DEAD HUSBANDS”

One of the BSFF’s all time favorite short films makes a welcome return. Both the writer, Janice Kennedy, and the director, Susan diRende, will chat about their fun flick made right here in Borrego Springs. If you missed this film during the inaugural BSFF season, be sure to stop by this presentation and see why “THREE DEAD HUSBANDS” is so loved by the Borrego locals. Susan diRende — writer, filmmaker, artist, and clown— founded the Broad Humor Film Festival in 2005 for comic films by women. In 2017, her comic science fiction/fantasy novella, Unpronounceable, was awarded the Special Citation for Excellence by the Philip K Dick Awards.


11:30 Panel: “10,000 YEARS B.C.!”

All of our human myths and legends tend to follow “The Hero’s Journey.” Most modern movies have adopted this ancient story-telling foundation, some films closer than others. Many directors have even created films that explicitly employ this form, such as George Lucas’s “Star Wars.” Film Professor Roger Allman will show why the structure of “The Hero’s Journey” still makes people as excited as it did thousands of years ago. Roger Allman is an Adjunct Professor at Grand Valley State University and an Adjunct Professor: Film History, Theory, & Criticism at Central Michigan University.


Producing and Storytelling for New Media is the future, and our world is desperate for fresh and original stories. By using guerilla-style film making techniques and focusing on universal story lines, new filmmakers are re-creating the entertainment business. They are now delivering their stories to entirely new destinations and entirely new viewers. Being a part of this exciting shift has the potential to change your career. This panel is hosted by CC Reagan. Her insight of this panel discussion comes directly from her popular TEDx talk of the same title.

2:30 Panel: “I FRIGGN’ DID IT!”

As a filmmaker, getting that 1st “real movie” accomplished is no easy task. Newbie filmmaker Heather “Skipper” Edwards has been involved on the edge of the Hollywood industry for years, but never had the wherewithal to get her film made. Now that she’s finally completed her first short, “STRAYED,” she’s here at the BSFF to discuss how she tackled the process as a seasoned adult. All BSFF filmmakers are encouraged to join the discussion with their own experiences and encouragements! This panel will be immediately followed up with a FREE screening of her film.

3:30 Special Screening: “STRAYED”

A dark comedy set in the colorful 1980’s where a young girl faces life or death decisions involving a stray cat, a narcissistic ‘mother’ and the pet cemetery of the rich and famous.



Why bad B-movies can be so much fun and how they’ve helped launch many famous careers in filmmaking. Come share your affinity for every exploitation genre, sci-fi to horror. Plus, a BSFF homage to B-Movie director Paul Kiener who is screening his latest film “Cataract Gold” during BLOCK P at 3:00.

2:30 Special Screening: “ATTACK OF NEW MEDIA!”

The BSFF follows through on C.C. Regan’s “Intercepting Reality” panel by presenting a collection of the genre. A highlight of these films is David Freid’s “Nobody Dies in Longyearbyen.” David is a director who makes his living creating films for the “new media” market via MEL Films. MEL is a brand new digital lifestyle magazine searching for global stories with personal appeal, and finding wisdom in the unexpected. MEL is a collection of journalists and filmmakers with diverse backgrounds that include The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Fast Company, Pitchfork, GQ, and Rolling Stone.

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