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Borrego Days in the Black


Last updated 1/3/2018 at 12:14pm

The theme of “Timeless Borrego” generated a generous grant from the County Board of Supervisors, generous gifts of money and equipment from private citizens, and the energy and persistence of Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Linda Haddock, the bank balance heading into the 2018 Borrego Days event is written not in red ink, but in black. While $2,000 seems like a pittance, it’s not and the Chambers hard work has paid off.

Residents should take into account that going into the 2017 Borrego Days season, the Chamber was $37K in the red. “We needed $60K to break even,” Haddock said, “but we wanted $80K to have a reserve.”

The Festival grossed $98K before expenses, including a timely Neighborhood Rehabilitation Grant sought by retiring 5th District County Supervisor Bill Horn and approved by the other supervisors. Haddock said half that amount was applied to the 2016 budget deficit, and the rest will be applied to future festival expenses. Other contributors on Haddock’s ‘Thank You’ list are: The Avery family coming forward with a $17.5K donation in memory of Dennis Avery, followed by a $10K donation by John and Leslie McQuown. Also Bill and Jenny Wright donated all the golf carts needed for the various festival events.

Festival logistics were complicated, said Haddock, due in part to the bureaucratic requirements of the State’s Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) and the County’s permitting office, each having conflicting deadlines for submission of paperwork. Miraculously, she figured out how to pull off that complicated little dance.

The Chamber was also able to purchase enough 6-foot high fencing (and a shed to put it all in) to enclose future Festival beverage gardens at Christmas Circle (and for rental to any organization needing a fence), plus barricades for Palm Canyon Drive when needed.

To top it all off, there will be credit card readers available for Festival 2018 purchases, including beverages t-shirts, and more. Stay tuned for updates as Linda Haddock, the Chamber, and the community prepare for the next Festival.

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