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BAI Reception – Expressions of Contemporary Latin American Art


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Guests were welcomed with the wonderful music by the mariachi mixetco and unique artworks surrounding the walls at the Borrego Art Institute.

On Jan. 6, the BAI held an opening reception for 'A Show of Contemporary Latin American Art,' which featured many different artists – new and returnees.

The exhibit showcased unique selected works of art by artists of Latino heritage or art that has been strongly influenced by the Latino culture presented with dynamic expression.

There were many different types of paintings featuring nature, portraits, and cultural representations. Many were pleased with the bold colors and artistic perspectives.

One of the artists, David Silva, has been painting for 17 years, and loves being an artist, admiring its beauty and all the people he meets.

The inspiration to most of his artworks comes from his surroundings.

"I see the good and bad going on in the world. I just choose not to paint the bad," Silva said. "The good that I paint, I want it to leave an impression on those who see it and hope they are inspired, maybe changing their life somehow."

One of his most elegant artworks was the first painting guests saw. The portrait of a woman in red greeted those who walked into the gallery.

"The painting is the sensuality of the woman, all the while showing elegance," Silva said. "It is looking at the woman in a way of respect and beauty, not as meat."

Julie Haugsness-White from Encinitas bought the beautiful painting. It spoke to her as soon as she walked in, and knew it had to be hers. With the remodeling of her home and empty walls, it was a great addition.

"It's very passionate, and spoke to me on what a woman is about," Haugsness-White said. "It's not just the passion of the body, but the excitement from performing."

As a human anatomy professor at Miracosta College, she said the anatomical detail of the arms and back was excellent.

Elizabeth M. Ibarra had on display colorful themed acrylic artworks of bold colors. Ibarra has been painting for over 25 years, and noted the feeling for the art form itself is the best way.

This is her fourth year showcasing at this gallery, and loves the vibrant happiness, and said the representation of Latino culture is wonderful.

BAI gallery director Barbara Nickers was happy with the turnout of the reception, and was thrilled with the amount of artists who showcased their work.

The artwork will be on display until Jan. 28.

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