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Last updated 11/1/2017 at 12:33pm

Borrego Springs Little League conducted their first board meeting October 17 in the high school community room.

All Board Members were present: President Bud Perez, Vice President Ana Hernandez, Secretary Mayra Puente, Treasurer Jim Dillahunt, Umpire Manager Gene Simpson, Equipment Manager Fernando Villafana, and Snack Manager Silvia Arambula.

We’re looking for new board members to join the team: Safety Officer, Player Agent and two Committed Assistant Snack Managers to help ease the work to the Snack Manager. We need to have complete members before the season starts otherwise Little League won’t be possible, which is January 2018.

President Bud Perez welcomed and thanked to all the Board members for their commitment and fully dedication on this past and new upcoming season of 2017-18 because without their support this league couldn’t be possible. BS Little League is celebrating its 50th Anniversary.

At the meeting, we discussed the big success we had this past season having a great answer from the community, volunteers and sponsors. Thanks to them we were able to do some improvements and buy new equipment for our Little League. On this coming season, we stillhave new projects and improvements to do, which we ask the community to sponsor and donate, so those projects can be fulfill in profit to the children in Borrego Springs.

We also talked about the dates for the upcoming registrations. Mayra Puente will make the flyers to be passed out in December before children go to winter break at the Elementary and Middle schools, and we’ll have two registrations on January 2018, the first one at the beginning of month and the other at the end on Saturday’s at the Little League Field.

For those who are interested on being members, our next Board meeting will be November 14 at 6:00 pm in the high school community room.

- Mayra Puente

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