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Little Brown Bugs Are Swarming


Last updated 11/13/2017 at 9:38am

Little brown bugs are continuously found crawling over cars, pools, and other surfaces.

Residents from Borrego Springs have seen these bugs on their cars, and are wondering, "where are they coming from?"

Numerous reports say the bugs are believed to have come from the Salton Sea, where people have reported clouds of bugs flying overhead.

Water boatmen bugs, also known as corixids, are slender, oval water bugs that swim with long legs that have fine hairs. These bugs can be easily confused with another type, which deliver painful bites. However, these bugs are harmless and not capable of carrying diseases, but can be nearly impossible to kill off.

They can be easily confused with backswimmer bugs, which deliver painful bites.

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation website "Water Boatmen bugs are one of the few aquatic members of this (bug) order that are not predaceous and do not bite people."

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