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SuperFAM Visits Borrego Springs


Last updated 11/1/2017 at 9:51am

Visit California United Kingdom and Ireland celebrates their 10th anniversary this year, and as a part of the Sizzling Southern California Tour, Borrego Springs was just the second stop. Borrego Springs was one of the hosts to the SuperFAM Finale last year. However, this year, they will be in the Bay Area, stopping first at Oakland, San Francisco then wrapping up in San Jose.

Senior business travel consultants, travel agents, specials and managing director – Andrew Burke, Charlotte Dallee, Christian Nielsen, Danielle Kerton, Helene Steele, Lesley McHugh, Michaela Johnson, Richard Nicol, and Tracy Crowley were visitors to Borrego Springs Oct. 7 – 8.

The event was coordinated by Chamber of Commerce executive director Linda Haddock and Sam Sutherland, social and content manager of Visit California.

After their visit, Sutherland stated, "Thanks so much for your lovely hospitality and for sharing your amazing home with us – it really was the highlight of the whole trip for many of us."

Prior to arriving in Borrego Springs, the FAM visited Crawford Overlook, to enjoy the scenery above the town. The FAM then stopped at Red Ocotillo for some lunch, before descending on a two-hour tour of various destinations. From the Borrego Art Institute, The Mall, to Borrego Springs Resort, the FAM were given tours of each establishment. To wrap up their first night, they enjoyed the Mexican Mariachi Margarita Madness Fiesta at La Casa Del Zorro.

The last day, Sunday Oct. 8, consisted of the SuperFAM enjoying a spectacular sunrise at Font's Point with mimosas, breakfast pastries and coffee, followed by a tour/hike to the Slot.

Many enjoyed the sunrise at Font's Point, and the metal sculptures around Borrego Springs.

"Font's Point was stunning and that sunrise was 100%!"

"My highlight was when handsome Joe walked us to the edge at Font's Point and we had to keep our eyes shut, then when you looked up and the view just hit you - that was amazing!!"

"Definitely the sunrise, felt like a million miles away from everywhere, very serene."

"My favourite was the desert walk, that was amazing and I learnt so much!"

"I loved the sculptures, they should lead their marketing."

"Frankly, there is quite a lot of desert out there of similar standard. But the serpent, dragon, etc. was pretty unique and should be built upon."

"Plus those freakin' quesadillas in the garden-to-table restaurant!!"

The California SuperFAM is a completely experiential FAM trip for UK and Irish travel agents, giving them a chance to get to know and experience each destination. The objective is to raise awareness of California, and showcase its diversity to the trade to ensure it is top of mind, increase bookings through British Airways and American Airlines to California through the five gateway cities, and to promote the '10th anniversary' of the UK and Ireland SuperFAM.

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