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Be Alert of Halloween Candy


Last updated 10/31/2017 at 11:41am

Halloween is full of fun, sometimes spooky, awesome adventures, – and lots, and lots of candy. Some even obsess over the holiday.

However, before you float around during this time, be sure to make safety as the main priority. Many may not think about it too often, but some candies could be highly dangerous.

One dangerous drug looks so much like candy, it has law enforcement around the state on high alert.

Bath salts are synthetic drugs and this Halloween, they are being mixed with a variety of candies to create a deadly cocktail.

Deputies in different states have found mason jars and packages filled with the bath salts. Here's what you should look for, deputies say. "Think rock candy with crystals, typically sealed in foil of some kind."

If it's not pre-packaged, just toss it. For some, that seems like common sense.

In the rush of the season, it may be tough to keep up. If that's the case deputies offer this advice.

Experts said that the drug is dangerous, if not potentially fatal, for a child if consumed.

Parents should always check their children's candy, prior to them eating it. People should also be aware of the candy they give out, as some may be tainted.

Be careful this Halloween, folks.

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