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Thunderstorm Warning Issued For Area


Last updated 8/31/2017 at 6:24am

Thunderstorm heading for Borrego Springs

A flash flood warning has been issued for Borrego Springs and mountain areas. Rain has already begun to fall across the valley, as dark clouds are gathering over Indian Head.

Winds are coming in NWN at an average top speed of nine mph.

There is a thunderstorm headed toward the Borrego Springs area. The dark clouds can be seen from the mountain tops, as light rain is beginning to fall. Thunder can be heard and the wind is continuing to pick up.

Locations impacted include Warner Springs, Highway 79 between Warner Springs and Oak Grove, Highway 79 between Santa Ysabel and Warner Springs, Lake Henshaw, Palomar Mountain, S7 - East Grade Road, Highway S2 between Highway 79 and Highway 78, La Jolla Indian Reservation, Santa Ysabel, Santa Ysabel Indian Reservation, Los Coyotes Indian Reservation and Rincon Indian Reservation.

Rain is predicted in the following areas -

Borrego Springs up to 0.04 inches,

Julian up to 0.05 inches

Ranchita up to 0.66 inches.

The community is advised to stay safe indoors and bring in any pets or furniture. Drivers are advised to drive with care or stay off the roads.

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