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Saint Louis Encephalitis in Coachella


Last updated 8/3/2017 at 10:37am

The Saint Louis Encephalitis virus was detected for the first time in the Coachella Valley this year in mosquito samples found in Mecca, where vector control officials said Friday, July 28 that West Nile virus was also on the rise.

Mosquitoes testing positive for both diseases were recently found in traps throughout the Eastern Coachella Valley.

Encephalitis was found in mosquitoes in a trap near Grant Street and Avenue 71 in Mecca, according to the Coachella Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District.

District officials said West Nile virus was also recently discovered in a dozen traps in Mecca, Oasis and Thermal, bringing the number of positive West Nile samples to 91 this year, as opposed to 15 West Nile samples at this point last year.

Saint Louis Encephalitis, also a potentially deadly illness, was found in 92 mosquito samples last year, setting a Coachella Valley record.

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