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Has the Mystery been Solved?

DB Coopers stolen fortune may be about to be uncovered


Last updated 8/10/2017 at 11:15am

It's widely believed that Cooper - whose real identity remains unknown died of exposure in the woods between Oregon and Washington. However, one investigator believes the real culprit is Vietnam veteran Robert Rackstraw who is living on a yacht named 'Poverty Sucks' in San Diego.

A team of volunteer investigators headed by TV and film executive Thomas Colbert and his wife Dawna, say that they have found what they believe to be a parachute strap from the heist.

Colbert said, the strap was found 'right where a credible source claimed the chute and remaining money are buried.' and is willing to offer up the dig site to the Bureau on Monday Aug. 14.

'DB Cooper' is believed to have merely been a pseudonym used by the hijacker, and last September Colbert announced that he believed Cooper's real identity to be Rackstraw, a highly decorated pilot who faked his death in 1978 to avoid a fraud trial. The 73 year-old Rackstraw has denied Colbert's claims with his lawyer calling the accusation 'the stupidest thing I ever heard.'

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