First Himachali film Saanjh hits Internet

Best Feature Film at Borrego Springs Film Festival


Last updated 7/27/2017 at 11:46am

The film, which boasts gorgeous cinematography, revolves around an emotional journey of a 16-year-old girl, Sanju, who is sent back to their remote ancestral village to live with her grandmother for getting into trouble in Delhi.

Saanjh, the first Himachali film, is now available online at The Ajay Saklani directorial, which was released in cinema halls across India in April 2017, has already travelled across the world and received global accolades. The film has been screened in multiple countries and even won the Best Feature Film at Borrego Springs Film Festival, Award of Merit at Accolade Global Film Competition.

“It also happens to be the first ever Himachali feature film released, so I am looking forward to receiving support from the Himachali community in India and abroad." said Saklani. The debutant director also ensured that the movie reached Himachali towns and villages that did not have theatres by arranging projector screens. Speaking about the movie’s online release, Saklani said, “Today cinema is truly global. There are no language, geographical or cultural borders when it comes to films. My film is an honest, engaging film about familial love and friendship, something that anyone can connect with.”