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Energy Saving Through the Summer


Last updated 6/19/2017 at 9:30am

As San Diego faces a summer heat wave, Energy Upgrade California are urging consumers to be critically aware of their energy consumption. With temperatures soaring 15 degrees above average, Californians are blasting the air conditioning to stay cool, consuming extra energy and raising the utilities bill.

Although running the AC seems necessary to beat the summer heat, there are other ways to balance out extreme energy use. Energy Upgrade California, a program designed to help Californians conserve energy, can provide tips for consumers to save energy during the heat wave.

· Replace blinds with heat-blocking blackout curtains

· Install ceiling fans to raise the thermostat by 5%, saving money in the long run

· Use an outdoor grill instead of the oven

· Move furniture away from vents to promote air flow

· Remove rugs which aid with heat retention

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