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Safe Drinking Water Website and Radio Ads Launch During National Drinking Water Week


Last updated 5/12/2017 at 9:03am

The Water Foundation has launched a website addressing California’s drinking water crisis. The website,, will also be advertised on the radio around the state in areas with high numbers of contaminated water systems.

“Contaminated drinking water is an issue that matters to everyone,” said Wade Crowfoot of the Water Foundation. “Access to safe and affordable drinking water is a human right and we need to be innovative and aggressive in finding solutions. Some of these families have been without clean water for over a decade. That is not acceptable.”

As many as one million Californians are exposed to unsafe, contaminated drinking water in their homes, schools and businesses. is an educational campaign bringing awareness to this drinking water crisis. The website includes powerful testimony from individuals who have lived or are living with contaminated water, news articles, facts surrounding the drinking water crisis and polling information commissioned by the Water Foundation in January 2017.

Recent information released by the California State Water Resources Control Board indicates that upwards of 300 public water systems throughout the state do not currently meet the safe drinking water standard for the state.

Each year in May, National Drinking Water Week calls on Americans to recognize the role drinking water plays in our daily lives.

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