One Class At a Time - Success for Salton Sea


Last updated 6/3/2017 at 11:37am

Following on from their success at raising literacy standards with a book drive initiative, the June 'One Class At A Time' award goes to Ms. Shannon Tincher's kindergarten class at Sea View Elementary School in Salton City.

Starting young sets a child up for success, according to Ms Tincher, "Reading is just so important and it starts here in kindergarten,".

Ms. Tincher applied for this award so she could buy all 74 kindergarten students at the school books to read over the summer. Now, each student can spend the summer enjoying fun stories and improving their literacy at the same time.

"Through Scholastic, I'm going to spend the whole $500. It's cued up in my shopping cart, and they're each going to get six or seven books," Ms. Tincher said.

The demand for this One Class At A Time program was so great, they are continuing it throughout the summer. Applications are being accepted right now.