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KickStarter Project for 'Travelling with Francoise'


Last updated 5/11/2017 at 8:25am

'Traveling With Françoise' is looking to expand their brand with the help of donations through a 'KickStarter' appeal.

The show is now in its 14th year on radio, and eight years on an ABC affiliate hosting a weekly travel segment, and has already expanded to include a 30 minute televised travel show currently on Fox11 and DirecTV, uncovering some of the Nation’s most hidden gems.

According to the site, the funds raised "Will be used to offset production costs and offer viewers the opportunity to see many of the amazing small towns across America that offer their own must see and do adventures. Typically these locations do not have advertising or public relations dollars, losing the ability to draw travelers to their area."

If you'd like to donate

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