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The Future's Pink at West Shores High


Last updated 4/21/2017 at 7:33am

Courtesy of KESQ

Students and teachers collaborated on a secret project, to highlight the dedication of West Shores Middle/High School Music Director Don Turley.

When Turley turned up to school, he was greeted my students and some members of faculty, wearing bright pink t-shirts emblazoned with his face and the words "I love Mr. Turley."

Turley had been kept in the dark about the venture which saw the t-shirts being sold for $15 each in order to raise money to help buy instruments for the school's music program. "It breaks your heart, that was pretty darn special," said the teacher at the small school in Salton City, according to News Channel 3 who came out to film the event. "To me, that's the greatest honor I've ever been given in my 37 years of teaching."

"This is not a rich community," said parent Justine Bristow, "yet the students came together and organized these shirts and the rally and even sold the shirts to raise money for the Music department-all without Mr Turley finding out!"

Despite semi-retirement from a teaching position in Idaho, Turley says he had noticed an opening for a music director, "I decided to come out of retirement to take these kids on, and I'm so glad I did," said Turley. "I have the best job in the valley. I love these kids, I love the staff there. I've never felt that way on any campus I've been on. Just a close knit community. My goal is to get everyone playing an instrument at the school."

If you can help with donations to West Shore's band and music program to help pay for instruments, uniforms, or help with travel expenses for competitions, contact Donald Turley at

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