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Perfect for Cruising


Last updated 4/28/2017 at 7:05am

With the departure of the snowbirds, the town is beginning to wind down. However one issue does start to become more prevalent as the weekend draws near.

As Cruising Magazine points out - "Borrego’s not exactly Shangri-La for urban types, but for cruisers, it’s damn close."

With the recommended route being the picturesque winding trail of Montezuma Grade, it's the fastest route for the bikers to get a refreshing drink at Carlee's, before heading back out of town.

The majority of visitors respect the road rules and speed restrictions, however as we've seen in the past, the thrill can over take common sense, whether that's on the back of a bike or on top of a skate board. With more media making the public aware of Borrego, it wont be long before the usual slew of accidents mark the start of the weekend fun.

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