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Verizon - Calls for Service


Last updated 5/6/2017 at 8:46am

I have called Verizon continually over the past two years complaining about the decline in their service to Borrego Springs.

I've had responses from their customer service reps ranging from an apology to telling me that BS isn't an important part of their grid, and to go find another server.

This week, my Verizon cell service has been out now for four days, along with so many other residents. Today my patience ran out and I called their tech support and demanded that they at least should provide us with a.) what the exact problem is, and b.) when we can't least estimate a return of the lousy service they supply.

I asked to talk with the engineering department that are "supposedly" working on fixing our problem.

I got no reassurance that this is going to be fixed anytime soon. They provided no information other than it's a tower problem and no date for a fix.

I encourage all who have lost their service to call Verizon and let them know we are suffering as a community, so they will stop ignoring us, as though we are some jerkwater town in the boonies.

Call Verizon and start complaining--1-800-837-4966.

Refer to ticket # 8858767.

That is the critical ticket number, and demand to speak to the tech support or the engineering department, not customer reps.


Cheryl Criss, Borrego Springs

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