Outside the Box Round-Up

Joya Hoyt


Last updated 4/5/2017 at 9:41am

An enthusiastic meeting for the Middle School Garden produced a good plan for the rest of the school year. The Outside The Box Garden Project will meet Monday and Wednesday 3-5 pm for the rest of the school year in the Middle School Garden . We will begin with a planning meeting with the students this Wednesday from 3:30-5 pm and an OTB shopping trip for supplies during the school vacation . When we come back April 17 we will clean up the garden first ( Fish and Wildlife has just done a great job on the ponds ) and plant starter vegetables in pots in Claudia Goldberg's classroom to be wheeled outside during the day . The tires and palettes will be retrieved from the fields and organized inside the garden area.

The suggestion was made that a memorial bench for Ranger Steve be placed in a "meditation" area in the garden since he was a big supporter of the pup fish ponds and the students were huge fans of his. We will look into some funding for that - maybe like the ones on palm canyon drive.

Outside the box is very excited that we are able to move into a science project this term as most of our classes this year have focused on art and pursuing art AND science is our goal. Kim Console at ASES ( please forward this to her ) and Claudia Goldberg - MS teacher are heading up the project with Joya Hoyt and Pamela Granbery of Outside the Box.

We are also going to put a note in the school bulletin asking for students who need community outreach hours to volunteer to help clean up the medians in Palm Canyon Drive if we can find a contact person. Photography classes with Tom Hogan will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for further info call Joya at 760 567 6214