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Last updated 3/16/2017 at 3:37pm

Vehicles, trucks, cyclists and R.V's. We've all been staring at the back of at least one of these for far too long over the last few days. Even when you think the road is empty and you're free to let the wind whip away your troubles, country music blasting on the radio, the ability to carry a tune abandoned at the last turn, fear not, the sedentary car you're just about to barrel past will be in your windscreen desperately trying to kiss your front bumper. To prevent startling other road users, the use of turn-signals has been replaced by hand-signals, preferably after the maneuver has taken place.

Traffic around Christmas Circle is still heavy, however the trick to navigating it appears to be the willingness to throw the 'California Driver Handbook' at the nearest vehicle distracting the driver long enough to choose a lane. Any lane, it doesn't even have to be the right lane.

If you are attempting to cross a street, do so with caution as some drivers will speed up to encourage daily exercise. If you are driving down the street and see pedestrians, please remember that some of them do not want to exercise, they like to partake in the good ol' tradition of moseying.

Parking was becoming problematic through town however ingenuity has overcome adversity. The new rule, according to 'Flower Power', throughout town and surrounding areas is to simply abandon your vehicle on the open asphalt and disembark. No difficulties in getting the vehicle between two irksome white lines or walking further than necessary. Just park and point.

So in order to keep the tempers lower than the temperature, just sit back and enjoy the hustle and bustle, knowing in a few days time, there will be nothing hogging the road except the hoards of caterpillars coming in to town to see the flowers. Hopefully the Swainson's Hawk will take care of that issue.

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