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Rams Hill Residents Against HOA


Last updated 3/13/2017 at 7:43pm

Residents are being encouraged to sign a petition against their HOA.

Written by Bill Berkley and available at the front desk for people to sign, the petition is an attempt to stop the HOA using a recently purchased Rams Hill home for an HOA office and board meeting facility.

Having spent $135,000 to purchase a home at 1842 Las Casitas, The Community Association HOA plans to hold meetings at the location and provide office space for two employees.

The petition argues that "HOA funds should be used to improve our property values, reduce HOA fees, and increase HOA reserves, which are only 60% of the recommended levels. These funds should not be used to purchase a home in a residential area for office and meeting purposes when less intrusive and less expensive alternatives are available in non-residential areas."

The use of residents funds for the venture has raised question regarding the transparency of the HOA's handling of finances and affairs, who provide no information to residents regarding meeting minutes or agendas. The venture, which requires further funding for renovations and code practices, appears an unnecessary expense considering "alternative office space in a non-residential area is available with no capital investment and can be operated at a fraction of the cost, with an annual estimated savings of $8,000+. Rams Hill Partners has offered to rent the Kiosk garage, where HOA board meetings have been held for years, on a long term lease for $500 per month plus utilities. This space can easily be converted to attractive offices for the two employees. Rams Hill Partners has also offered the free use of its board room and the Santa Rosa room for all board meetings."

According to the petition, the HOA is being urged to "sell the recently purchased home, occupy less expensive, but attractive office space, and use the Rams Hill clubhouse at no charge for all HOA meetings."

It's not the first time the HOA has come under the residents spotlight in regards to their practices and it would be helpful to the community, if Rams Hill residents would like to give their opinion. Petition available at the front desk at Rams Hill Clubhouse.

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