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Last updated 2/26/2017 at 10:41am

So it was announced that Aimee the F&B Manager at the Borrego Springs Resort had left with no explanation despite days earlier, saying how happy she is. Apparently she is now working in Palm Springs. Chef Charlie may be the next one to see a change in location. The last part is purely speculation, however there has been talk that the 'management' want to push him out.

It's no secret that the new General Manager has been an unpopular recruitment choice, according to the staff, but if you are looking for a career in Borrego at a place where changes can happen at the drop of a hat or as they say "Be Part of New and Exciting team here in Borrego as we transition our resort with a new and Exciting Restaurant and Bar."

Applications are invited for the following positions:-

Food and Beverage Manager

Lead Cook - "Observes methods of food preparation and cooking, sizzle." - Couldn't we all do with a little "sizzle"?

Massage Therapist

Restaurant Server - "Associate makes every effort to obtain customers name and use it a minimum of 2 times during the meal." - Well don't we all now feel special. Apparently the days of natural rapport are over.

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