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Stay Out of The Water

Salton Sea is a no go zone for swimmers


Last updated 3/3/2017 at 12:37pm

The local health department says a blue-green algae has been detected blooming along the northern shore of the Salton Sea in Riverside County. The health department is urging boaters and recreational users to avoid direct contact with or use waters containing the algae. Bloom conditions can change rapidly and wind and waves may move or concentrate the bloom into different areas of the sea. The blue-green algae ( cyanobacteria ) can pose a health risks , especially for children and pets. Dr. Stephen Munday , Imperial County Health Officer said , " Residents and visitors to the north end of the Salton Sea are urged to avoid contact with water contaminated by the algae bloom , and not allow children or pets to play in or around the scummy water."

The algae was detected when water samples were tested last week and the bacteria was confirmed. The algae bloom can appear as cut grass in the water or blue-green , white or brown foam , scum or mats that can float on the water's surface and accumulate along the shore line and boat ramp area. Algae blooms like this are usually caused by a combination of factors including nutrients , temperatures , sunlight and water chemistry. The health department says recreational exposure to the algae can cause eye irritation , allergic skin rash , mouth ulcers , vomiting , diarrhea and cold and flu-like symptoms. Pets are especially susceptible because they tend to drink while in the water and lick their fur later.

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