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Sahara Mustard Greens Recipe


Last updated 2/22/2017 at 1:58pm

1. Sahara Mustard leaves (detached from stems) to fill a one gallon Ziplock bag (14oz)

2. Onion sliced and browned (7 oz)

3. Garlic (unpealed) and grated (2 oz)

4. Carrot (unpealed) and grated (2 oz)

5. Bell pepper sliced (3 oz)

6. Serrano pepper (six thin slices, approx one third of a pepper)

7. Vinegar, apple cider, 2 tbs

8. Mustard powder (one-quarter tsp) and celery seeds (one-quarter tsp)

9. Grated pepper (added to boiling water prior to any other ingredients)

10. Salt to taste

11. One chicken bullion cube

12. Kielbasa, sliced (3 oz)

13. Horseradish sauce (half tsp added after 48 minutes)

14. Water. Four cups. (This is more than enough. Add extra for additional juice).

Boil water with pepper in it, then add greens and carrots. Heat frying pan to cook onions and later the garlic. Slice the bell pepper, the Seranno pepper and Kielbasa, add to frying pan, mix, place in main pot. Cook for twenty to thirty minutes. Add remaining ingredients and cook for a further thirty minutes. Recipe makes about a quart.

Pour off excess juice and save for drinkiing or to make gravy. Enjoy the result and thanks for helping to eliminate Sahara Mustard from our desert

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