Politics At School

A Day Without Immigrants


Last updated 2/22/2017 at 9:13am

Thurs, Feb. 16 saw people across the nation uniting as one, in support of ‘A Day Without Immigrants’. Even the youth in our community were getting involved.

‘A Day Without Immigrants’ was created to show that immigrants are an important asset to our society. Borrego Springs High school students showed their support for this protest in many ways. Some students did not show up to school, others walked off campus. Then there are those who protested at the school making their voices heard.

These students were speaking out against what they believe is unjust and what needs to change in our country.

One student explained why they were out protesting instead of going to class, “America is a country that is made up of immigrants, and they are a vital part of our society. As an American citizen, I believe we need to support them, because who knows where our country would be without them.”

Another student, Eddie Rivera, said “I’m protesting to defend immigrants. Whether they are immigrants from Mexico or immigrants from the seven countries that are involved in Trump’s travel ban. I’m here and I want to get the message across that we stand proudly together in support of them.”

However, there were people who disagreed with what the students were doing. The protesters claim that teachers were being told to lock their doors, and not allow others to join the movement and that students not involved in the protest were told to not speak to those who were.

According to Principal Dunn these types of protest are against the school rules when held during school hours. He declined to comment on if this group of students would be facing disciplinary actions after this protest is over. Dunn denied there were any additional lock-down procedures put in place, and school would continue as normal.