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Emergency Medical Air Transportation Coverage


Last updated 12/21/2016 at 1pm

Renewed and Expanded by the Borrego Valley Endowment Fund

During 2016, the Borrego Valley Endowment Fund (BVEF) funded municipal policies with Mercy Air and REACH that relieved insured residents of out-of-pocket costs – the deductible and co-insurance that often amount to $3,000 or more per flight. More than 40 residents were transported during 2016.

BVEF is a not-for-profit organization that manages a fund dedicated to improving health care and related services in the Borrego Valley. Please see our website ( for more information about our grants to community organizations and about giving opportunities.

Effective January 1, 2017 BVEF will renew the coverage for permanent residents and expand coverage to also include insured seasonal residents.

• Any permanent or seasonal resident with medical plan insurance that covers emergency air transportation will not have to pay out-of-pocket as a result of BVEF’s policy.

• In an emergency situation our excellent EMR service will consult with the San Diego County emergency medical air transport Medical Director and dispatcher. They will decide whether Mercy Air or REACH will fly in and determine the hospital most appropriate to receive the patient.

• Patients, who are permanent or seasonal residents, or their family members will not need to worry about the cost or coverage. Much later, during the claims payment process seasonal residents may have to provide proof they were living in Borrego Springs when transported.

Note also that BVEF’s policy with Mercy Air provides coverage in hundreds of other locations across the U.S. where their affiliates fly. BVEF arranged discounted policies with REACH for $35 per household per year. One must complete an enrollment with both companies to receive this coverage because the companies must put your information in databases their affiliates can check to verify eligibility during the claims payment process after transportation.

MASA (available through the Chamber of Commerce) offers a policy that also covers people who do not have medical insurance. MASA also covers ground ambulance and may be an especially good fit for people who travel via RV or who travel in other countries.

The Borrego Valley Endowment Fund hopes its coverage will make Borrego Springs an even better, safer and more affordable place to live and visit.

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