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By Nancy Bye 

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Last updated 12/1/2016 at 11:53pm

Watching our weather is pretty interesting these days. Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday could not have been more lovely. Seventies, blue sky, calm. This is why we love living in our gorgeous valley.

Saturday? Well, toward the end of Welk’s “God Bless America,” I smelled it. Then I turned off the TV and I heard it. Next, I opened the sliding glass door and saw it. RAIN! RAIN! RAIN!!! Glorious rain. Something to really be thankful for, and perhaps more on the way.

WeatherBug says we got .05 inches. We’ll take it. Thank you!

Borrego Springs was the warmest town in California on Nov. 16 (88 degrees) and again on the 26th (72). The World Meteorological Organization’s scientists say it looks like 2016 will be the hottest year on record.

Arctic sea ice is at very low levels (temperatures up there are 20 degrees Celsius higher than normal), and the Greenland ice sheet is melting earlier than usual. Trump that.

Over 102 million trees have died in these last few Drought years, and probably more to go. Good news is that wood ducks have arrived and are being seen here in ponds and pools. Also, Ramona and Julian now claim a population of over 30,000 wild turkeys.

My gray squirrel is here drinking water every morning and the perky little antelope squirrel has returned. A huge flock of medium-sized brown speckled birds is here almost every day. Cannot find them in the book – well, not yet.

Do not miss what should be another glorious full moon on Tuesday, the 13th – the Cold Moon.

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