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Supermoon and Super Powers


Last updated 11/14/2016 at 11:25am

With tonight being the best time to see the Supermoon at its biggest and brightest, some people will be keeping their sights on the goings on around them rather then above them.

Centuries of folklore have enshrined the full moon as the time for witchcraft and sorcery. Werewolves ‘turned’ when they saw one, mad people howled at them and they were blamed for all manner of wild behavior. Indeed, the word ‘lunacy’ comes from the Latin name for the Moon and its goddess, Luna.

Scientists have traditionally been wary of even daring to suggest that a full moon really does affect humans and animals, for fear of being declared lunatics themselves.

An investigation by the Wall Street Journal found that, in hospitals across the U.S., medical staff are convinced that full moons are ‘harbingers of chaos in their emergency rooms and delivery wards’. Some medical professions around the world have considered children born under a Supermoon will develop super powers.

Doctors and nurses said full moon nights prompted a surge in patient admissions, particularly involving psychotic episodes, as well as strange injuries and women going into labor under unusual circumstances.

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