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New resort owners adjusting and adapting


Last updated 11/13/2016 at 11:42am

As with all new changes, there are bound to be problems and obstacles to overcome. Where golf is concerned, you’re dealing with a group of people who dedicate a large proportion of their life to the sport and have committed to a large outlay of money choosing their dream home next to their ideal course. So it’s no wonder that recent changes and future proposals are concerning residents and visitors to the Borrego Springs Resort now it has come under new ownership.

The difficulties lie with the implementation of a Golf Management company. An organization that many feel are just a faceless corporation that tick off boxes on how they feel a course should be run in order to gain more foot traffic, disregarding the core of the business, the people who are loyal all year long.

We’ve all had fun and moans over the last few weeks about the lack of tonic water, a shortage of top shelf liquor and the wine cupboard not being open until 8.30p.m. as someone has run off with the keys or not turned up. The T.V’s require a stool to change the channel as no one can work the remote and there are days when you can wait twenty minutes for your drink, your bill or just to see someone in a uniform step out of the shadows. However, as the owners and new Chef are quick to point out “We care and we’re willing to find solutions. We will deliver and we will not disappoint, just have patience.”

A sentiment that is worth holding on to but difficult to believe under the current management. The bar alone was quick to fall during the hand over despite General Manager Cindy Campbell continuing at the helm in the interim.

Sitting down with Maiser Aboneaaj and JC Bambach of S & A Industries, the new owners, they are keen to express their desires to make the best resort they can, with plans to refurbish the bar and restaurant, they’ve spent money on the course and fixing bunkers, brought in a new fleet of buggies and are looking at bringing in Volley ball, life-size chess and chequers etc. There was a rumour that a minimum of a two day stay will be implemented, however, I am assured that won’t be the case, they plan on introducing a two night stay for certain weekends as part of a golf package only. K.C Crandall will be staying on as Golf Pro.

S&A Industries have a successful track record re-furbishing premises across the US and the Caribbean and have learnt through their experience to provide amenities that people will appreciate. They also have a working history with CSC Golf Management, who they have brought in to create a ‘strategy tailored to the local market’. The local market are currently up in arms about the rise in game costs and the loss of the use of golf carts to transport clubs to properties sat along the back nine, to name only two new changes, but CSC are apparently ‘cognitive and understanding to their needs’.

It's obvious that both Aboneaaj and Bambach are intelligent and successful men, both are coming to the resort regularly to show their presence and talk to staff. Bambach is part of the water coalition, so they are taking the future of Borrego and they’re own longevity as part of the community seriously. They’re also interested in receiving feedback and addressing the issues. They had the sense to do what management didn’t and brought in bottles of tonic, will be getting new T.V’s and have also noticed that some residents have their own stool and place at the bar and won’t be directed elsewhere. Other than that, all questions are re-directed to CSC and what they come up with next.

Chef Charly is certainly one to watch, his interim menu, designed to slowly introduce a main menu, has been received with mixed views but he is creative, passionate and determined to succeed. I’m looking forward to what he brings to the table and the bigger ideas he has.

So patience will be the key word and it will be interesting watching the resort and its staff over the coming months as they create something new.

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