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Last updated 11/5/2016 at 9:46am

Christmas Circle is proving a difficult challenge for some drivers as they seem to believe they are part of today's race.

Over night saw some spectators having to slow cars down as they refused to yield when entering the Circle, despite cyclists crossing their path.

I've also witnessed cars trying to mow riders down as they drive in the wrong lane and attempt to cut off the riders without checking mirrors or signalling. Worst of all was a white pickup driving the wrong way round the roundabout. Now I'm English and even I haven't attempted that one yet.

Speed around the circle is always an issue, from my desk I have the perfect view and witness dangerous driving on a regular basis.

Whether you agree with events being held in the town or not, whether you find the cyclists annoying or not. Road safety should never be a concern once a year.

The cyclists have brought an amazing amount of economic value to the town at the start of the season. They are eating and drinking in local establishments and clearing the supermarkets out of food. One team has bought property in Borrego another is looking at buying property in Borrego. The town would soon go out of business if it wasn't for the work the Chamber, notably Linda Haddock, does getting permits, events and visitors to this little piece of desert. The least we can do is not try and maim them.

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