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Election Update Cont.


Last updated 11/9/2016 at 6:42am

Election Update: 7pm -- This hour brings us to the "interesting" part of Election Night 2016. With so many states (FL, OH, VA, NC, PA, NH, GA, ME, MI and MN) still "too close to call," it's nail-biting time for all.

Donald Trump appears to be outperforming in many rural counties, but many historically Democrat strongholds (i.e., in Northern Virginia, just this second moving toward Clinton) have yet to weigh in. Trump has yet to win a state expected to go to Clinton, but because of the delay in getting actual votes on the board, it's difficult to project a winner. The most surprising results thus far are in Georgia, a solid Republican state for decades, listed amongst the too close to call states, and Florida, expected to be turning Democrat due to heavy Latino voting but also too close to call at this point.

There is already a winner in each county and state, but because of delayed reporting, we're seeing the election equivalent of a delay in the judges' decision on who actually won Dancing With The Stars.

It looks to be a longer night than expected.

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