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Beware on the Roads


Last updated 11/11/2016 at 11:43am

Yolandi Jooste

Sheriff Billie Painter and the organizers from Race Across America (RAAM) would like to make all residents aware of the cyclists on our roads during tomorrows time-trials.

The race route crosses one intersection where there is an active Stop sign. Borrego Valley Road and Palm Canyon Drive (next to the elementary school) will have course coordinators stopping cyclists (not cars) in case of traffic otherwise the cyclists will be going straight through the junction.

The race begins at 6.00p.m. and a lot of riders will be cycling through the night. Please be aware that sleep deprivation and fatigue will be a factor when over taking or tackling junctions.

Riders are legally allowed to travel side by side in pairs, however they are not allowed to cycle in larger groups. The RAAM organizers will be posted along the course looking out for infringements.

The cyclists we have spoken to today, love coming out to Borrego and would like to thank all drivers for being patient when over taking. They're aware they can be a pain in the backside (their words). Unfortunately for their own safety, despite the great work the County has done sweeping the roads, they can not cycle too close to the edges due to soft sand and debris. They will endeavor to use cycle lanes only when available and to not take up too much room when they aren't. It's a 30 second wait on average to pass by so please look out for safe places to overtake and keep everyone safe.

Do come down to the Christmas Circle or give them a cheer if you see them out on the course. Some riders doing the 6 hour race are just starting in the sport. The riders in the 24 hour race are world class athletes at the top of their game. And they choose Borrego to train and compete in, lets make them feel welcome.

If you do see any infringements or have difficulties with support vehicles, please call HIGHWAY PATROL or let the RAAM organizers know.

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