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Stop the whining


Last updated 11/13/2016 at 11:44am

For the last several years the little town of Borrego has put on a festival that rivals towns of a hundred thousand or more. The parade alone stands out as to how successful our festival is! There has been an estimated thousands of people that come to watch the parade alone. Each year the total grows. This year was no exception; however there are a few businesses that are whining about there being vendors in The Circle selling food and drinks. They believe that they could do better if the vendors were banned. Here is a news flash for those whiners – the reality of that situation is there is no business alone or collectively that could possibly handle as many people that show up for our festival. The vendors help to make it possible for the visitors to eat and have fun. Without the vendors there would be several thousand people that would leave Borrego with a bad taste in their mouth and never come back. A big complaint during the season from visitors is there aren’t enough places to eat and not enough bathrooms. I’m sure that each and every business, in reality, benefited from the festival.

Plus you will benefit the rest of the winter season; the vendors only get one chance. Those of you that overprice your food to the point that the locals can’t afford to eat at your place, will have to crash and burn to learn your lesson. You’re not fooling the tourists either! One thing that hasn’t changed, in the over seventy years I have personally been involved in the valley, is there are six months in the year to make money and six months you don’t. Winters are great and summers are hot! This hasn’t changed since Christ was a carpenter, and the chances of this changing are none too slim! Get a grip! If the local businesses would work together, all of the businesses could prosper throughout our winter season. So work together, or get out! A rising tide lifts all the boats in the harbor, not a selected few.


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