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Golf prices too high


Last updated 11/13/2016 at 11:45am

This letter is of a concern that will affect all business owners in the Borrego Springs Community. It is my belief that if the golf course management companies don’t reconsider the prices that they have set for the coming season that the customer(s) will find another location to play golf. The snow birds don’t travel here for the food they come for two things. They come for great weather and golf. When the rates to play golf rise to match those in the Palm Desert area, the courses will price themselves out.

The restaurants, stores and other business owners will suffer only because the snow birds are gone and won’t return. The RV park owners will suffer as well. I think that it’s time the members and the Board of the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce meet with the golf course management and get involved to tackle this problem. My view of the Chamber however is not the best either. The lackluster method of operation doesn’t best serve the Borrego Springs business community. There isn’t one sign designating Borrego Springs as a tourist destination on any major highway or road. The Borrego Springs Days are here this week and not one sign “welcoming” visitors. I think its time to get it together or we all suffer economically.

ARTHUR B. AVILES Borrego Springs

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