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Blade sharpening has a primal history. Well before the wheel, a sharp edge, along with fire, was the principle means of survival. The first sharp edges were rough but useful, and were created with shards of flint or volcanic glass rock. Eventually progress moved into the age of metallurgy, and this began the development of quality weapons and cutting tools made from steel. Blade sharpening eventually became a respected trade, similar to gun and locksmithing.

Consider all the cutting tools in the various parts of your home: kitchen, sewing room, shop, garage, and tool shed.

You know how it is, you "get used to things". The weather, the traffic, the price of gas, technology, etc. You also get used to dealing with dull blades. Dull blades seem to be that nagging chore that many people feel they should get around to, but often don't want to take the time to do, or know how to properly do, or know anyone who can do. It a proven fact that more accidents occur trying to use a dull blade than a sharp blade.

There are three groups of people when it comes to sharpening:

"I sharpen my own knives and tools."

"I (or my husband) could sharpen our knives and tools, but don't have time."

"I need sharpening, but don't know where to go."

I respect the person that has their own method and means of sharpening blades. Fine Edge is here to help the other two groups: "I don't have time", or "I don't know how".

My business, Fine Edge Sharpening, offers a mobile, solar- powered sharpening service that will help you Keep Your Edge and result in a safe, enjoyable manner of using your blades. There is great satisfaction and comfort in working with a sharp blade, and this good experience results in making the effort to maintain your edge. I have based my business model on establishing relationships, offering quality results, and creating return customers who appreciate and trust my skills.

Sharpening appears to be a simple task, but sometimes the expected results can be elusive or disappointing. Even if one sharpens the blade to what appears to be a fine edge, it's only a few weeks or months before the edge is back to its dull state. There is a complete mathematical analysis and geometry behind creating a sharp edge. There is also a distinct metallurgic and physical understanding. When viewed at a high level of magnification, the blade takes on a different appearance. It can be a compound angle like a chef's knife or a single bevel edge similar to a wood plane blade. The angle of the established edge should be respected and maintained. The degree of the angle is also important to understand as it relates to the use of the knife or tool. I use a Tormek Sharpening Machine. This machine uses a water cooled, low-RPM stone, along with custom engineered jigs to create a perfect, consistent edge. Maintenance and care are key factors in prolonging a sharp edge.

Let me help you gain an appreciation of a Fine Edge with my mobile sharpening service. You won't be disappointed.

Carl Garlick

Fine Edge Sharpening – 760-822-3980

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