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World Mental Health Day


Last updated 10/10/2016 at 10:40am

Broken Stems are premiering "Take Me In" on October 10th, WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY as an opportunity to raise "awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health."

"According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 20 to 25% of the homeless population in the United States suffers from some form of severe mental illness. The video is wrapped in layers of a love story until the twist at the end. When you re-watch the video a very different story unfolds for the viewer. Not of a man and woman in love walking the street, but of a man unable to cope with the loss of a loved one."

About The Broken Stems:

The Broken Stems are an audio bonfire for the soul, ignited by an edgy sound rooted in early rock'n roll and blues. Their music is current and classic, a creative new sound combined with a true rock experience. Born to create, they express their own lives into a musical endeavor with a message. By combining massive dynamic highs, humming emotional lows and passionate lyrics that coalesce into a sermon for the soul, their music connects on a higher plane, pushing themselves and their listeners to a greater sense of purpose.

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