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High School Homecoming


Last updated 10/23/2016 at 7:29am

Michael Sadler

Football team members with flare igniters

It was Homecoming at Borrego Springs High School on Thursday night, and a more energetic group of students and families you'll never see.

Michael Sadler

Contests galore, including musical chairs for the girls, musical hot potato with a football for the boys (the last to touch it before the music stops was eliminated), life saver transfer with toothpicks, and a sign contest between the grade levels. And then there was the bonfire, overseen by our local fire department. Lit by football team members with magnesium flares, the very slow pace of bonfire ignition suggests they may wish to use smaller kindling under the wooden pallets next time. It was, eventually, a huge and spectacular bonfire, the intense heat from which could be felt from 100 yards away.

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