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Last updated 10/6/2016 at 2:33pm

As a long time friend of the Boynton family and Brett Boynton in particular since 1974, I have to take exception to your article titled “Murder Update Answers Some Questions” by Suzanne Howarth. The article, which concerns the murder of Brett Boynton in Borrego Springs, contains inaccurate information while it portrays the victim in an unflattering light. The truth is Mark Waugh is a man with a violent history and Brett Boynton was a gentle and kind man who was beaten to death in his own home. Ms Howarth has relied on erroneous information obtained from a friend of the killer. Many statements in the article are either inexact or misleading. Dwelling on Brett’s unfortunate financial situation five times, Ms. Howarth casts a pejorative shadow over his epitaph. I fail to see how Brett’s father’s 1975 romance relates to the brutal murder 2016, nor do I understand the implication in the comment concerning a swamp cooler but no air conditioner. It seems as if Ms. Howarth is going out of her way to portray Brett in a demeaning manner. She makes unbecoming characterizations about the victim while she describes the killer as “shy and quiet.” Has she no respect for the victim or victim’s family and friends? It is truly ironic that Ms. Howarth closes her article with a comment about “speculation and gossip” when her article is thick with gossip and short on facts. Sincerely,


WRITERS RESPONSE: I am sorry that you read the article in the way you did and felt the information provided was inaccurate and had a bias towards Mark. In fairness, we were approached by several different sources that offered stories and information which were immediately proven to be false, so an interview was conducted with a member of the community who had been a friend of Brett since childhood. Out of respect for the family, who did not wish to do an interview, we made no further requests for one. Unfortunately, your accusation that all the information was provided by a friend of Mark’s is wholly inaccurate. The background information, lack of finances etc, emphasizes the difficulties of life people find themselves in sometimes.

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