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ARIEL'S ATTIC At Julian Station


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Denny DuVall

This is another in the series of businesses located in the Julian Station in Wynola, just west of Julian.

Ariel's Attic (named for her Pug) is located inside the mini-mall, across from Cowboy Rendezvous. There you will find Ariel asleep in her den, waiting for you to notice her. She allows Terry (Tupta) to run her establishment. Someone has to dust and set up the displays, you know.

Terry decided to open her shop just before her 68th birthday. The shop is just entering its 4th year. Terry was born in Boston, and her Dad's 32 year Navel career brought them to California where Terry has remained. She has lived in the Julian area for the past 18 years.

Denny DuVall

Inside you will find an wide array of items, from furnishings, home d├ęcor, collectibles and more, to tantalize your buying spirit. From 'red glass', Americana items, Christian, baby things, teddy bears(one is 100 years old), books, dishes, and even an upright piano. Well, yes I did play it, just to be sure it worked.

Ariel was a Valentine gift from her husband of 32 years. You will see a 'Pug and Friends' wall where Pugs and other breeds of dogs are pictured. Plan to visit this 'going to grandma's' type shop soon. Bring your dog along with you and meet Terry and Ariel. Terry will be wearing a hat, and Ariel will have a fashionable scarf/neckless on. Please keep your husband on a leash. Opps, make that, your dog on a leash! And bring a treat along for Ariel! That's my story and I'm sticken' to it!---------------Denny DuVall

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