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Watercolors in Borrego


Last updated 10/6/2016 at 1:05pm

Most of you know that Carol Ravy held Watercolor Classes in Borrego for several years, first through Palomar College and then sponsored by the Art Guild. In the past, Palomar College also provided a variety of other credited classes for our community, but pulled out suddenly about 3 years ago.

Apparently, there is a change in the administration of Palomar and they are again seriously considering restoring back country services, BUT, they want to hear from the community that they will use these services before implementing.

Below is an email from Carol explaining what she learned while attending a meeting at Palomar. She is willing to return to Borrego, but first those responsible at Palomar need to hear from US that we want watercolor classes back in Borrego. As she explains below, there are two Palomar representatives who need to hear from the art community.

Please join us in sending an email to and to let them know the art community would be delighted to have Carol Ravy back in Borrego teaching watercolor and art media classes.

If you have suggestions concerning other classes you would be willing to attend, please provide those also.

Your Art Guild Board

Extract from Email -

Tom Model is the person who we would be working with. Just indicate that you are from Borrego, and would like to have our non-credit class resume. I would love to come back , and thruogh Palomar the classes would be free, or just a nominal fee.Anything you want to say about our classes would be welcome. We need twenty or thirty people to start, and it would probably be this next Spring. You do not have to be a former student. Just interested. Also. if you want any other credit classes, you could let them know.

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