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UFO Over Ocotillo


Last updated 9/29/2016 at 12:09pm

An eye witness reported that the strange lights were back in the sky last night around 10:15 p.m. Although the video was taken in Ocotillo Wells, the lights themselves appeared to be over the Salton Sea area.

The witness described walking outside and "in the distance I saw two bright orange lights shining very close together, they seemed to be flickering. As I stared taking a picture of them, two more lights appeared to the right and just above the last two. Both sets of lights shone bright until one set turned off abruptly, and the other two faded one at a time."

Before and after the lights appeared, military helicopters flew over the area, the witness states, "They appeared to be flying incognito as they had no lights on." the witness explained that this isn't the first time they had encountered the UFO's "I have seen these same lights, the last time was on June 30 this year."


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